Galena Park
Mission Statement
Galena Park FFA is dedicated to providing opportunities for agriculture students and FFA members to work hands-on in different areas of agriculture and develop skills that could lead to successful careers in the agriculture industry.
Student Leaders
Chapter PresidentAlyssa SilvaBio Coming Soon
Chapter Vice PresidentGrecia EstradaBio Coming Soon
Chapter HistorianLayla PereyraBio Coming Soon
Chapter ChaplainNicholas DiazBio Coming Soon
Chapter TreasurerXiomara LopezBio Coming Soon
Chapter SentinelMayela GarzaBio Coming Soon
Chapter ReporterDiana VillanuevaBio Coming Soon
Chapter Executive Committee MemberGiuliani VillanuevaBio Coming Soon
Program Vision Statements
Increase our active membership in the FFA
Increase community service opportunities
Encourage new/inactive members to participate in areas of FFA under the guidance of current/experienced members/officersall FFA members active in some part
Growing our local communities knowledge of our FFA program
Student Committees
CommitteeCommittee Summary and Objectives
The program does not have any Committees established

Monday, May 20, 2024

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